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Please look through the topic headings below to help you with your decision.

Firstly, we can certainly post you a standard catalogue if you would like one.  Just give us a call and we will forward one to you.

Secondly, please browse through our online catalogue.


Manufactured in granite, marble, slate or other natural materials, your memorial will be created to the highest standards.  You can choose from a huge range of traditional and contemporary designs in the colour of your choice, or work with us to develop your own, individual memorial. READ MORE ABOUT DESIGN


We are compiling a gallery of some of our work , which may help you with your decisions. Please bear with us as this section of the website is still under development. VIEW THE GALLERY

Online browsing:

We are not like other firms who have an impersonal online presence as we believe that all our memorials are as unique as our customers.  We do not have an online pricing or ordering strategy and prefer to do everything on a personal level.  Because we do not have a “fixed” catalogue, it is not practical to present such a huge range of choice effectively on our website; please feel free to come in, ask questions and browse through our materials and catalogues.  Please contact us if you have any specific requests or are unable to come in to see us.

We suggest that you may also find the following websites useful as sources of help or inspiration.  Please let us know what you feel you may like to see and we can then design your memorial from these initial ideas.

Please be aware that we are a completely independent family firm, not affiliated with any other companies, and that any prices quoted elsewhere bear no relation to our price list.  This particularly applies to kerb memorials, as catalogue images and prices only show the headstone and top kerbing but not the plinth and foundation work.




Porcelain Plaques:

Rossatto Giovanni:


All our lawn memorials meet or exceed the National Association of Memorial Masons specifications, which are developed with British Standards. As NAMM members, we adhere to a strict Code of Practice and all our lawn memorials are fitted with a ground anchor system to help prevent movement and vandalism damage. READ MORE ABOUT SAFETY


Each cemetery has rules and regulations – we ensure that we offer you the best advice in choosing your memorial. Generally, you can choose from all the available shapes, colours and finishes within their guidelines.  All Councils, Churches and Parish offices charge a fee for the installation of a memorial – we include this in your bill, and do all the paperwork for you.


Church rules are far more conservative and restrictive.  Memorials must have an unpolished (eggshell) finish, and new full kerb memorials are not usually allowed.  Designs can incorporate carvings, which must be approved by the Church authorities.  Again, fees are payable to the Church authority.


Please read these additional pages for guidance on purchasing a new memorial or adding an inscription to existing masonry:




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