Here we are compiling a gallery of our work.  This is still under development and will improve over time …

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New Memorials

Please also see our The Ordering Process – New Memorials page for more information on how to arrange the purchase of a new memorial.

Replacement memorials

Softer materials (like marble and nabresina) weather badly and are very difficult to keep clean. Here we have replaced an old kerb memorial with a beautiful new, all-polished granite memorial:

In some cases, a kerb memorial is not required so a new, maintenance-free granite lawn memorial will be installed:


Frequently we are asked to replace a memorial which is in poor condition, but often the memorial has great sentimental value and the client would prefer to keep it if at all possible.  We can restore memorials to near-original condition and here we give some “before and after” examples of how existing memorials can be restored to their former glory.  It is well worth asking for an assessment of an old memorial before considering whether to replace it …

Here, a beautiful dove grey marble lawn headstone had weathered badly, but the underlying stone was still in good condition.  We were able to clean it very effectively:

In this instance a very dilapidated set of kerbs has been simply restored.  The original kerbing has been cleaned and pinned, raised up on a new concrete plinth:

Please see our The Ordering Process – Restorations page for more information on how to arrange the restoration of your memorial.

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